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Latest on Nestle Legal Battle to Keep Drought Time Water Pumping Restrictions in Place

Last fall, the Ministry of the Environment (“MOE”) renewed Nestlé’s Permit To Take Water for the well site which it operates in Hillsburgh.  As part of this renewal, the MOE placed mandatory restrictions on the amount of water that Nestlé would be allowed to pump during drought conditions.  Nestlé appealed these restrictions to the Environmental Review Tribunal.

In February of this year, Wellington Water Watchers (“WWW”) partnered up with the Council of Canadians (“COC”) to seek Party status in the appeal, …

A Letter from the Friends of Hillsburgh Water

Last spring you attended a showing of “BOTTLED LIFE” at the Erin Legion and I felt you deserved an update.

Nestle had applied for a ten year renewal of the existing permit, but also requested a “spike rate” of an additional 10% on the maximum quantity withdrawn. Despite significant public disapproval and Erin Council voting against the renewal, a permit renewal for five years was indeed granted by the Ministry of the Environment (Sept). The permit renewal included mandatory reductions as …

Join WWW and Friends of Hillsburgh Water for Bottled Life at the Festival of Moving Media

Despite considerable concern and opposition in the community, on September 28th this year Nestle Waters’ permit to take 1.1 million litres of water per day from a well near Hillsburgh, Ontario was renewed. Since then, Nestle Waters has filed an appeal that challenges provisions of the permit that would place mandatory restrictions on its water-taking operations during periods of drought.

Join us on Thursday November 1 for a public screening of the film Bottled Life along with a short presentation from …

Request for Review to the MOE

The Wellington Water Watchers in partnership with the Council of Canadians and with full endorsement from The Polaris Institute, submitted a Request for Review (RFR) to the Environment Commissioner in March.  This RFR focused on the need to revamp the permit to take water (pttw) process as it applies to the bottled water industry and challenged the MOE’s statement of environmental values that we believe were not being honoured.  Other concerns centred on the continuous flow of trucks and related …

Rural Outreach

We have been active with Friends of Hillsburgh water and the recent campaign regarding Nestle’s latest permit renewal.  The community in the Erin and Hillsburgh area have been very active with large numbers of concerned citizens attending movie nights, council meeting and more.   We await the decision of the MOE regarding this permit where up to 1.1 million litres of water are trucked 50kms to the Nestle plant in Aberfoyle.