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Paul Baines: Guest Speaker at our Upcoming AGM

We are pleased to announce that this year’s AGM welcomes Paul Baines from the Great Lakes Commons as our guest speaker. The Great Lakes Commons is a grassroots effort to establish the Great Lakes as a living commons — shared waters that we all protect in perpetuity. 

Great Lakes Commons is a growing and open network of people, organizations and institutions from the Great Lakes bioregion that care passionately about these remarkable bodies of water. They are …

Wellington Water Watchers Seeking New Board Members




Guelph-Wellington, ON – The Wellington Water Watchers (WWW) is searching for interested volunteers to fill vacancies on our Board for a three (3) year term. We are currently seeking applicants for two (2) positions of Member-at-large.

To be on a the Wellington …

Wellington Water Watchers – Held out as a Good Example, Environmental Commisssioners Report

In the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s annual report released today, we are held out as a good example!, 1.7.1, pg 38

“This case demonstrates the importance of public involvement in appeal processes. Without the submissions of the NGOs it seems unlikely the Tribunal would have rejected the original settlement agreement, since there would have been no one to raise issues relating to the public interest. As a result of their involvement, the …

Statement from Living Water Rally 2014

Wellington Water Watchers officially endorsed the below letter which was released today and presented at the press gallery on Parliament Hill today by reps from the Fresh Water Alliance. This letter was unanimously endorsed by delegates from across Canada who came together this past weekend at the Living Water Rally 2014.


Statement from Living Waters Rally 2014

OTTAWA, ON (October 6, 2014)—The following statement is issued by the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, a project …

Putting Water on the Agenda: 3 Questions to Ask Candidates

Join water watchers from all across Wellington County in putting water on the agenda in the municipal elections happening across our county right now. We’ve put together three questions to ask candidates for mayor and council in your township. Let’s let mayors and councils in every municipality in Wellington County know that they cannot take our public water services for granted, and let’s listen to see what they say! Learn more.