Current Initiatives


Initiatives we are currently involved with:

    • Hillsburgh
      Nestle Waters Canada applied for and was granted an unprecedented 10 year permit extension to take 3.6 millionlitres of water per day at the Aberfoyle site. We strongly opposed this permit for the reasons stated in the Wellington Water Watchers Technical Submission. Now, Nestle is appealing provisions of the permit that impose mandatory restrictions on water pumping during periods of drought. We are against this appeal that would allow this business to pump water from the aquifer freely while the public in the same area is expected to adhere to strict usage guidelines. Droughts are already threatening our drinking water supply, but this revision could spell disaster.


    • DoLime Quarry
      For several years now, we have been keeping a close eye on the ongoing quarrying at the Dolime site owned by River Valley Development. Due to the quarry’s blasting into the aquitard material (the protective layer covering our aquifer) a fissure was discovered in 2006 posing a potential threat of contamination to our ground water source. We have been in constant communication with the City of Guelph, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources and River Valley Development since then acting as a watchdog group concerned with the safety of our water. Check here to see what is being done and where we’re going next.


    • Melancthon Quarry
      The proposed quarry in Melancthon was of enormous¬†proportions! It threatened the region’s water quality, health, and pristine farm land. Through the efforts of many and with great publicity, such as that given at Food Stock 2011 and Soup Stock 2012, the Melancthon Quarry was officially cancelled in the Fall of 2012.


  • Nestle Bottling Plant
    Nestle Waters Canada has it’s largest Canadian bottling facility located in Aberfoyle, just south of Guelph. They have a permit to take a maximum of 3.6 million litres per day of our pristine ground water and package into small plastic bottles. This is a terrible waste of our community’s precious water resources and a wasteful use of our planet’s resources. Nestle also extracts a maximum of 1.1 million litres per day of our precious ground water from their well located in Hillsburg and ships this water by multiple tanker trucks every day to their Aberfoyle plant for bottling. As taxpayers, we are paying an enormous burden for this Trans-National Company’s profits. As citizens of this watershed, we are lessening our resilience for our needs and our children’s future water needs. To keep updated on news about Nestle check here.