The revelation of the proposed sale to One Rock Capital reveals the stark choices our communities and nations face to ensure real water security in the future for all life. Of greatest concern, this sale will continue the corporate control of water. The combination of decades of pollution, depletion of aquifers and effects of climate change make clean water scarcer. Tragically this combination of public risk and private greed creates the conditions where Wall Street seeks to transform water from being the source of life to a source of private wealth. 

Nestlé’s motivation is clear: to shed itself of its responsibility for the plastic pollution and environmental degradation its water extraction and bottling has caused and the damage these scandals have done to their brand and bottom line. It is also clear that a private equity firm, freed of Nestlé’s reputational responsibilities, will seek to cut expenses at the cost of the limited promises its predecessor made regarding environmental sustainability and community benefit. 

Tell your representatives that Nestlé must not be allowed to simply walk away from the consequences it has imposed on communities and the environment in Canada and the US.