Triton Waters Canada Holdings Inc. has applied for a 10-year renewal of Nestle’s former permit to take water for bottling in Wellington County.

Wellington Water Watchers opposes this permit for the same reasons we opposed bottling by Nestlé Waters Canada. First, water is a public good and should be held in public stewardship, not be for sale as a commodity. Second, water is taken without the consent of First Nations and despite a cease-and-desist order issued two years ago (June 7, 2019) by the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council, the traditional leadership of Six Nations on the Grand, Nestlé/BlueTriton continue to ignore Indigenous sovereignty.

The bottling plant in Aberfoyle will continue to package water in single use plastic bottles -- millions of them every day – half of which result in litter or end up in a landfill. Single use plastic has a heavy carbon footprint in its life-cycle from production to distribution, and breaks down into microplastics, a growing threat to wildlife and human health.

In addition, Triton Waters entry into Ontario is part of a global trend of investors betting that the increasing scarcity of water (projected to worsen as climate crisis deepens) will make them rich.

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has posted Triton’s application to the the Environmental Registry of Ontario.

Please make your submission and register your opposition to Triton Waters application for a permit to take water for bottling below.

The deadline for submission is June 22, 2021. A copy of your submission will be sent to Minister Jeff Yurek, Premier Doug Ford and your local MPP. Note: You can add your personal comments to the submission.

Water is for life, NOT Wall Street.