Water Power Event

*Reminder* Please attend this important event tonight from 7pm - 9pm at the Elora Legion to safeguard local waters in Elora, Ontario. 

Do you want to keep Nestle out of Elora? 
Do you think the Ministry of the Environment should actually protect the environment? 
Are you worried about the effects of industrial water-taking on your well? 
Are you worried that the water might just run out one day?
Learn more about the issue.

Join the water allies at the Elora Legion 7PM-9PM TONIGHT. We are going to stop this permit, together. Join the Facebook event page.

Aquifer Defence Fund


Wellington Water Watchers and SaveOurWater.CA have partnered to form The Aquifer Defence Fund. This fund is designed to raise much needed funds to be used for the technical advice and professional support required to evaluate and prepare to oppose potential Permit to Take Water applications by Nestle Waters. Nestle Waters Canada is in the process of evaluating the Middlebrook well for purchase and intends to apply to take up to 1.6M litres of water per day which would give them a total of 6.4M litres of water a day they could pump in Wellington County.

Your donation to the Aquifer Defence Fund will allow us to:

  • Conduct independent technical studies
  • Contract legal expertise
  • Sound the alarm around communities when water is threatened
Your gift will ensure we can continue to defend our aquifer diligently and effectively. We’ve accomplished a lot so far – but the fight against increased water taking is only just starting.

Click here to give generously now so that together we can prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenge.

New Report Highlights Water Activism in Wellington County

WaterWins is a project based out of Renison University College at the University of Waterloo. The team has been bringing to light efforts made by two local water activist groups - Wellington Water Watchers and the WaterWealth Project (Fraser Valley, BC). They are also looking at whether the water “wins” of these groups had an effect on community engagement for water issues.

The group is pleased to release their second of three community reports, "Is It Even on the Radar? What People in Canadian Communities Know About the Work of Local Water Activist Organizations."

Learn more about WaterWins and read the report:

Nature Along Our Banks

In late winter, the snow is often melting slowly with little new in the way of snowfalls. This promotes the growth of snow algae (also known as watermelon snow), which, along with the sun’s returning warmth, attracts grazing insects from the leaf litter below. Look closely at the snow near open ground, and you may see what looks like bits of pepper. If you keep watching, some of them may jump around, almost seeming to disappear. These are called snow fleas, but they are not fleas. They are springtails, an ancient order of tiny insects that is most appropriately named.
Closer to open streams and rivers, one or two species of winter stoneflies may be emerging. By coming out so early, they have a jump on later-emerging predators, and can reproduce before getting eaten. Stoneflies in general are a sign of good quality water and healthy streams.

The Giant Canada Geese that have migrated are beginning to return, so you’ll either begin to see geese, or begin to see more of them.

2Rivers Festival


The 2Rivers Festival is an annual festival celebrating the Speed and Eramosa Rivers, which meet in the city of Guelph, Ontario. Over the past five years, many people have joined us to share, enjoy and discover all that the Speed and Eramosa Rivers bring to our community. By showing that we value our rivers, we contribute to actions that will help to protect them. This year's Festival will be a 2-month series of fun FREE events along the Speed and Eramosa Rivers in May and June 2016. 

More details to be announced soon!

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