I pledge to protect the Great Lakes, the beating heart and life source of this continent. The Great Lakes are ecologically, culturally, politically, and socially significant water bodies, providing drinking water to 40 million people and homes to billions of our non-human kin. 

The Great Lakes are also under threat: from aging infrastructure, resource extraction, ongoing pollution, inappropriate development, and more. Holding 20% of the world’s freshwaters, the Great Lakes must be protected now and forever.

Therefore, I pledge to: 
  1. Stay Informed: I will stay informed about the issues affecting the Great Lakes, including water quality, environmental threats, and the rights of Indigenous communities. I will share information & actions with my network.

  2. Take Actions: I will take actions to preserve the health and integrity of the Great Lakes. This includes advocating for policies that protect water resources, challenging emergent threats from corporations or government, reducing my own water consumption and waste, and participating in local initiatives to clean up and restore our waterways.

  3. Support Indigenous Water Defenders: I will actively support Indigenous water defenders who are on the frontlines of protecting water. This support may include amplifying their voices, respecting and centering their sovereignty, joining Indigenous-led events when invited, and advocating for their rights to clean water and a healthy environment.

  4. Support Frontline Activists: I will stand in solidarity with frontline activists who are advocating for environmental justice and equitable access to clean water for all communities around the Great Lakes.

  5. Seek Justice: I will advocate for policies and pathways that promote environmental justice, recognizing that access to clean water is a fundamental human right and that Black Indigenous and People of Colour disproportionately bear the burdens of environmental impacts.

Through these commitments, I pledge to honour and protect the Great Lakes, ensuring they remain a vital life source for future generations. Together, as Water Watchers, we can make a difference and safeguard the Great Lakes.


Will you sign?