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These signs will help to raise community awareness about Growing the Greenbelt to protect source water and stop urban sprawl.

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Do you support Growing the Greenbelt to protect source water and stop urban sprawl? If so, you are one of over 40,000 Ontarians who celebrate and champion all that the Greenbelt protects: local food, fresh air, clean water, and protected green spaces we can enjoy for generations to come.

Wellington Water Watchers invites you to support the Growing the Greenbelt campaign, here in Wellington County. We ask you be part of a legacy that will see parts of our County included in the expanded Greenbelt and display the below sign on your lawn.

When you request your sign, consider making a $10 donation to Wellington Water Watchers to support the Growing the Greenbelt campaign and help protect Guelph and Wellington County’s local water resources!



BACKGROUND: About Growing the Greenbelt

Ontario’s Greenbelt includes 2 million acres of protected land and wraps around the Greater Golden Horseshoe, one of the fastest growing regions in North America. By 2031, the population of the Greater Golden Horseshoe is expected to increase to more than 11 million people! The Greenbelt is essential for the protection of vulnerable water supplies and the reduction of urban sprawl. It is also necessary to create affordable and complete communities for us all to live in and enjoy. Not to mention, servicing sprawl is costly for taxpayers, agriculture, the environment, and future generations.

The current Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review (a review of the Greenbelt and its proposed expansion areas) represents a unique opportunity to permanently protect Wellington County’s important moraine headwater areas, which supply clean drinking water directly to 171, 889 people.

The Ontario Government announced last year that it supports a bigger, stronger Greenbelt grown to include 21 urban river valleys and seven coastal wetlands; a commitment to curb urban sprawl and support smart growth; and greater support for agriculture and our local food system. However, the expansion of the Greenbelt is strongly opposed by developers, and our window of opportunity to propose Greenbelt protection and expansion is quickly shrinking, as consultations begin in a month.

We propose that the areas in blue on the below map should be included as part of the expanded Greenbelt. These areas cover our local moraines, significant wetlands and our river corridors – all essential to preserving the integrity of source water here in Wellington County.



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