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We hope all of the water watchers out there have a safe and happy holiday season!
This holiday newsletter features:
  • Aquifer Defence Fund
  • New Report on Water Activism in our Community
  • Greater Source Water Protection in Guelph and Wellington County? 
  • Volunteer Opportunity: 2Rivers Festival Online Manager
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Aquifer Defence Fund

Our campaign for the Aquifer Defence Fund is still looking for your support this holiday season. Make your holiday gift the most important of all – community access to clean water. Your support will ensure that we (and our close partners like SaveOurWater.ca) continue to defend water in our community. Right now – with corporate interests eyeing our aquifers – we need your help more than ever. 

Learn more about how you can help.

New Report Highlight Water Activism in Wellington County

WaterWins is a project based out of Renison University College at the University of Waterloo. The team has been bringing to light efforts made by two local water activist groups - Wellington Water Watchers and the WaterWealth Project (Fraser Valley, BC). They are also looking at whether the water “wins” of these groups had an effect on community engagement for water issues.

After much researching, analyzing, and writing, they are pleased to release their first of three community reports. The first report looks to answer the question: what are people concerned about when it comes to water? It discusses community members’ general interest in water issues, and also which broad issues and local issues they are most interested in.

The second report, to be released later this winter, will discuss the communities’ knowledge on local activist groups, like the Wellington Water Watchers and the WaterWealth Project. The third report will look at engagement in water activism at the community level.

Please share this with your community and provide feedback! And look out for academic publications from the project later in the New Year as well.

Check out the first "Community Report

Learn more about Water Wins:

Greater Source Water Protection in Guelph and Wellington County?

Over the past year, Wellington Water Watchers has been actively engaged in the conversation about the potential to expand Ontario's Greenbelt to inlcude Guelph/Wellington. We are preparing to host a Stakeholder Forum for a Discussion on Greenbelt Expansion Issues, mid-February. 

The Province of Ontario has recognized that there are crucial decisions to be made that will govern the health, prosperity and growth of the Province for our collective future. A 6-person Advisory Panel has just finished a year of reviewing Ontario's four land plans, and recently published its final report - Planning for Health, Prosperity and Growth in the Greater Golden Horseshoe: 2015-2041. This report was tasked by the Provincial Government to provide a framework to accommodate population and employment growth in a more sustainable manner while protecting vital assets such as high-quality farmland, water resources and natural areas. The Commission report supports the expansion of the existing Greenbelt.

If you would like to join our Greenbelt Committee working towards the goal of greater protection for Source Water and recharge areas and precious farmland in Wellington County, please contact [email protected]

Volunteer Opportunity


Are you web-savvy and looking for a volunteer opportunity with a community-minded organization? Join our dynamic team as the 2016 2Rivers Festival Online Manager. The Online Manager will be responsible for creating, maintaining and updating the 2Rivers Festival website content. The volunteer position is from January - June, 2016, and will be approximately 3 hours a week. Even if you don't have all the skills necessary but you are still interested, consider applying! 

Learn more about the 2Rivers Festival Online Manager.  

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