A Pop-Up Rally is a 1-hour event to make visible opposition to Bill 23. Organizing a Pop Up Rally requires minimal prep work but can create media-worthy events. 


Outline of  A 1-hour Pop-Up Rally

5 - 10 Min:  Folks gather and create  their signs 

30 - 40 Min: Sign waving 

10 - 15 Min: Speeches & Clean-up  


How to Run a Pop-Up Rally 

Pick a time  and location

  • Organize at your MPP’s Office in your community 
  • Choose a highly visible spot to organize 
  • 11 AM is a good time on a weekday 

Promote your event over email, social media and by word of mouth. 

  • Tell folks to bring their family and friends 
  • Ask community groups with Email lists to share your event to their supporters
  • Remind folks to bring signs 

Inform the media 

  • Call and email local media outlines and invite them to your Pop-Up Rally 

Prepare speeches & Materials 

  • Have 1 or 2 people talk about the issue at the end of the event
    • State your call to action 
    • Inform them of any upcoming actions 
    • Thank everyone for attending 
  • Organize a bullhorn or audio system to  use for the speeches and the sign wave 


Tips For Your Pop-Up Rally: 

  • Have large thick paper and markers  for folks to make signs when they get there
  • Having a banner is an excellent way to make the crowd look larger and for folks driving by to read your Message 
  • Hold any speeches until the end of the event, and spend the first 30/45 minutes sign  waving 
  • Remind folks what your message is often, in your promotion and at the event
  • Have a paper email sign-up  to collect emails of folks who attend so you can invite them back to another event