Protect the Marcolongo Affordable Housing

In the last couple of months, the Marcolongo family worked with their planning consultant to develop a well thought-out proposal that would:

  • provide affordable home ownership for hundreds of Guelph families while also setting aside land for social housing, 
  • develop a linear park that would link both the Springfield property and the farm's designated Cultural Heritage Landscape, and
  • bequeath the majority of the Cultural Heritage Landscape to the city for parkland. 

City staff did not consider or mention this proposal in the report recommended for approval by Council on Monday.

City Council must direct staff to review the merits of the Marcolongo proposal which includes:

  • 100's of units of affordable housing on 35 acres to be developed by Options for Homes, 
  • 7 acres to be set aside for social housing,
  • 15 acres (including 6 acres of open space) of the Marcolongo farm Cultural Heritage Landscape to be bequeathed to the City of Guelph, and 
  • the balance of the property to be protected from development by the Natural Heritage Strategy and the Cultural Heritage Landscape designation. 


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