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Recent Media Attention

Title Source Date
What really happens to plastic drink bottles you toss in your recycling bin CBC News January 7th, 2020
The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to sell in plastic bottles The Guardian October 29th, 2019
Citizens Unite to Protect Water and Naturalized Space Raise the Hammer July 25th, 2019
Photo series rejuvenates Save Our Water campaign Wellington Advertiser July 24th, 2019
Water is for life, not profit July 24th, 2019
Quarry industry threatening quality of life and water safety in Rockwood and Milton July 23rd, 2019
Exposed to extreme heat, plastic bottles may ultimately become unsafe National Geographic July 19th, 2019
Wellington Water Watchers demand environmental assessment of permits to take water Wellington Advertiser July 18th, 2019
Misconceptions About Bottled Water Orangeville Citizen July 15th, 2019
'It's a human right' Brantford Expositor November 25th, 2018
Six Nations and Wellington Water Watchers join forces at Nestle protest Guelph Today November 24th, 2018
Nestle target of day of action Brantford Expositor November 23rd, 2018
A call for water protection from Indigenous rights activist Eryn Wise Guelph Today November 22nd, 2018
Baltimore votes to become first large U.S. city to ban water privatization Reuters November 7th, 2018
Wellington Water Watchers applauds possible move to extend new permit ban Guelph Today November 6th, 2018
Ontario ponders extending pause on bottled water permits CBC News November 5th, 2018
While Nestlé extracts millions of litres from their land, residents have no drinking water The Guardian October 4th, 2018
Doug Ford drops water bomb: Premier's closed-door meeting with China-owned company raises the spectre of future water sell-offs for industrial use NOW Toronto September 27th, 2018
Premier Ford Secretly Meets Company Trying to Access Guelph-Eramosa Aquifer Raise the Hammer September 19th, 2018
'Water is life. Water is sacred' — Court decision hailed as breakthrough for Indigenous rights Canada's National Observer August 30th, 2018
Nestlé continues water intake despite usage by-law restrictions Guelph Today July 31st, 2018
St. Catharines Will No Longer Sell Water in Plastic Bottles at City Facilities Niagara At Large July 11th, 2018
GET to know Wellington Water Watchers July 10th, 2018
More Recycling Won't Solve Plastic Pollution Scientific American July 6th, 2018
Water: Going, going, gone Guelph Today June 17th, 2018
‘Raising red flags’ - Letter to the Editor re: Xinyi Glass Wellington Advertiser June 15th, 2018
Water for Flint, not for Nestlé June 13th, 2018
Guelph candidates square off in debate at City Hall Global News May 23rd, 2018
Environmental groups call on Ontario candidates to put a cap on bottled water Canada's National Observer May 17th, 2018
NASA study reveals humans are dramatically shifting global freshwater sources CBC Radio May 17th, 2018
Guelph's drinking water under attack: Clair-Maltby development plan will irreparably alter water flow critical to city, writes Robert Pavlis Guelph Mercury May 17th, 2018
Bottled water is an election issue in Ontario May 13th, 2018
Billions For Bitter Coffee, Bloody Chocolate PopularResistance.Org May 9th, 2018
Tribe says 'no' to Nestle water WNMU-FM May 9th, 2018
The Council stands in solidarity with the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians in their opposition to Nestle bottled-water takings The Council of Canadians May 8th, 2018
Under fire from Wynne and Horwath, Ford retreats from plan to develop Greenbelt The Record May 1st, 2018
French town of Vittel suffering water shortages as Nestle accused of 'overusing' resources The Telegraph April 26th, 2018
Michigan OKs Nestlé Water Extraction, Despite 80K+ Public Comments Against It National Public Radio April 3rd, 2018
Your lifestyle is making blue box recycling unsustainable CBC News March 27th, 2018
Metal water bottles for sale in U of O vending machines CBC News March 25th, 2018
Victory PS celebrates World Water Day, Water Friendship Project Upper Grand District School Board March 23rd, 2018
McGill bans bottled water from vending machines on campus CTV News March 23rd, 2018
Four ways to protect water in Canada March 22nd, 2018
Canadian teen tells UN 'warrior up' to protect water CBC News March 22nd, 2018
We’re so addicted to plastic that we drink it every day CBC Listen March 22nd, 2018
Bottled vs. tap water: Engineer Barbara Robinson on which is better The Globe & Mail March 21st, 2018
'Plastic China' film shows terrifying images of families impacted by first world waste Canada's National Observer March 16th 2018
Plastic in your bottled water? WHO to weigh risks CTV News March 15th, 2018
Microplastics found in 93% of bottled water tested in global study CBC News March 14th, 2018
Festival of African culture attracts hundreds to city hall: African community and environmental activists forming alliances Waterloo Region Record February 19th, 2018
Draining us dry: scarcity discourses in contention over bottled water extraction The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability February 2nd, 2018
Local group wants the province to expand greenbelt coverage 570 News February 1st, 2018
Marketing may explain popularity of bottled water: UW study CTV News Kitchener February 1st, 2018
Nestle Canada seeks Six Nations support to take ground water Turtle Island News January 24th, 2018
Why You Should Probably Never Drink Bottled Water Again: And 10 facts about the bottled water industry Global Citizen January 10th, 2018
Bombshell report accuses Nestlé of violating water permit, pumping extra 54 million gallons per year Daily Kos Dec 28, 2017
Cape Town’s “Day Zero” Approaches: Local authorities estimate that taps will be turned off by April 29, 2018 Circle of Blue Dec 27, 2017
Your recycling could become trash: The 'golden age' of recycling is coming to an end CBC Radio Dec 26, 2017
$180bn investment in plastic factories feeds global packaging binge The Guardian Dec 26, 2017
London Mayor Seeks Revival of Public Drinking Fountains The New York Times Dec 4, 2017
Victory PS students reflect on relationship with water through Water Friendship Project Upper Grand District School Board Dec 1, 2017
Protesters rally against Nestlé Waters' plans for Elora well (7 photos) Guelph Today Nov 27, 2017
Protests continue over Nestlé pumping and sale of ground water Radio Canada International Nov 27, 2017
Residents call on Premier to say 'No' to Nestlé CTV Kitchener News Nov 27, 2017
Nestlé bid to pump 2.1M litres of Michigan groundwater a day blocked by municipality Global News Nov 20, 2017
Water warriors: A small community's struggle to keep water public Education Forum Nov 17, 2017
Oregon scraps water rights deal for Nestle's Cascade Locks bottling plant The Oregonian Oct 31, 2017
Assertive action needed to protect water Waterloo Region Record (Opinion) Oct 21, 2017
Nestlé is extracting water from Canadian towns on expired permits Vice News Canada Oct 19, 2017
Water rally outside MPP's office will include street theatre GuelphToday Oct 10, 2017
Water Blessing: Reconnecting with History and Responsibility Raise the Hammer Oct 10, 2017
Great Lakes groups band together to challenge Nestlé and water crises in Flint and beyond The Council of Canadians Oct 5, 2017
Nestlé pays $200 a year to bottle water near Flint – where water is undrinkable The Guardian Sept 29, 2017
Nestlé, Unilever, P&G Among Worst Offenders for Plastic Pollution in Philippines Beach Audit EcoWatch Sept 22, 2017
Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For Bloomberg Businessweek Sept 21, 2017
Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic, studies show The Guardian Sept 8, 2017
My life as a water way, in four parts: Pike Hamilton Spectator Jul 7, 2017
Waterstock's success came at the perfect time, says Wellington Water Watchers chair Guelph Mercury Jun 15, 2017
Waterstock: The message, the music, the great time GuelphToday Jun 12, 2017
Water bottle battle in Erin CTV News Kitchener Jun 11, 2017
Ontario Increases Water-Taking Permit Price For Bottled Water Companies Huffington Post Canada Jun 9, 2017
Ont. Increasing Groundwater Withdrawal Fee for Water Bottlers Water Canada Jun 8, 2017
1836 treaty puts Michigan tribes at center of Nestle water bid Michigan Live/td> Jun 6, 2017
Special water blessing celebrated grandmother water protectors GuelphToday May 17, 2017
Time for Ontario to protect its water supplies Waterloo Region Record May 11, 2017
Nestlé discusses Middlebrook well purchase The Wellington Advertiser Apr 28, 2017
Ontario's Waterstock Reveals 2017 Lineup with Bry Webb, Reuben and the Dark, Band of People Exclaim! Apr 27, 2017
Nestle Bottled Water Travels Up To 3,100 Km. Your Tap Is Metres Away. Huffington Post Canada Apr 13, 2017
Nestlé levy proposal stirs anger in Erin Erin Advocate Apr 13, 2017
Nestlé Waters offers Town of Erin money for community benefit fund CBC News Apr 12, 2017
Water Watchers meeting to oppose Nestle levy proposal in Erin Guelph Mercury Tribune Apr 11, 2017
Town urged to reject voluntary water payments from Nestlé Erin Advocate Apr 11, 2017
Ontario government has taken sides against the bottled water industry Toronto Star Apr 10, 2017
Chefs, musicians, activists set to launch Say No to Nestlé campaign, prepare for Waterstock Orangeville Banner Apr 4, 2017
It’s time we weaned ourselves off bottled water: Editorial The Star Mar 26, 2017
Full moon water blessing honours water at Hillsburgh Pond The Wellington Advertiser Mar 24, 2017
Wellington Water Watchers celebrate 10 year anniversary The Ontarion Mar 23, 2017
Why Canadians are — or aren’t — drinking bottled water The Globe and Mail Mar 21, 2017
Canadians value, worry about country’s supply of fresh water: poll The Globe and Mail Mar 20, 2017
Letter to the Editor: Dreaming of a bottled water-free campus The Ontarion Mar 16, 2017
Water is a sacred gift Waterloo Region Record Mar 15, 2017
Water activists take on bottled water The Medium Mar 13, 2017
Wellington Water Watchers use valentine to grab attention of Guelph MPP 570 News Feb 12, 2017
Nestlé offers Erin voluntary water payments Erin Advocate Feb 7, 2017
As Ontario hikes water-taking fees, activists demand regs to keep bulk exports from U.S. NOW Toronto Feb 6, 2017
Waterstock plans take shape as Ontario clamps down on water bottlers Orangeville Banner Jan 20, 2017
Ontario proposes higher water bottler fee Guelph Mercury Tribune Jan 18, 2017
Ontario proposes to boost water bottler fee by $500 per million litres taken The Globe and Mail Jan 18, 2017
Ontario proposes to boost water bottling fee by $500 per million litres The Star Jan 18, 2017
Ontario proposes to boost water bottler fee by $500 CBC News Jan 18, 2017
'Huge shift' underway on issue of bottled water GuelphToday Jan 18, 2017
"Urgent" meeting on Nestlé's plans in Centre Wellington pack 'em in. GuelphToday Jan 12, 2017
Councillor scolds Nestlé for proposed one-on-one meetings CBC News Jan 6, 2017
Email from Nestlé seen as inappropriate by township councillor Guelph Mercury Tribune Jan 6, 2017
Groups accuse Nestlé, Centre Wellington of 'backroom deal' to privatize water CBC News Jan 4, 2017
Catholic diocese encourages its churches to stop using bottled water GuelphToday Dec 22, 2016
Kathleen Wynne Asks Why Ontarians Are Drinking Bottled Water At All Huffington Post Canada Dec 22, 2016
Premier Wynne wants ‘bigger look’ at future of bottled-water industry The Star Dec 21, 2016
How water watcher, Mike Nagy, became one of our heroes of 2016 when he took on Nestlé and won NOW Toronto Dec 21, 2016
Community water needs will be met first, Nestlé says of plan to share Middlebrook well CBC News Dec 15, 2016
Nestlé wants to partner with town on well Guelph Mercury Tribune Dec 13, 2016
Nestlé says it wants to partner with Centre Wellington on Middlebrook well CBC News Dec 13, 2016
Nestlé says it wants to ‘partner’ with small Ontario town it outbid on water well Global News Dec 13, 2016
Nestle offers to work with Centre Wellington on Middlebrook well CTV News Dec 13, 2016
Ontario says “NO” to water bottling giant Environmental Defence blog Dec 2, 2016
Ontario sees broad support for hold on new water-taking permits The Globe and Mail Dec 1, 2016
Ontario's plan for new bottled water operations moratorium gets broad support CBC News Dec 1, 2016
Province needs water management program to protect resource, says city of Guelph CBC News Nov 30, 2016
City finally arrives at official stance on water taking GuelphToday Nov 29, 2016
Nestlé debate at city hall only over for the time being Guelph Mercury Tribune Nov 29, 2016
Agenda set for Guelph council debate on water-taking and Nestlé Waterloo Region Record Nov 20, 2016
W5 investigates: The rising value and volatility of our fresh water CTV News: W5 Nov 12, 2016
Both sides have their say at special council meeting on Nestlé Water issue GuelphToday Nov 8, 2016
Nestlé water issue comes to a head at Guelph council meeting CTV News Nov 8, 2016
Nestlé accused of 'shameful tactic' after employees fill seats at contentious meeting CBC News Nov 8, 2016
Nestlé's water taking could have 'financial impacts' on Guelph, says city report CBC News Oct 31, 2016
Nestlé plant could conflict with Guelph's future water needs, city hall report says Guelph Mercury Tribune Oct 28, 2016
Ontario water isn't being priced fairly, says Environment Minister Glen Murray Oct 18, 2016
Ontario bottled water controversy leads to proposed changes WBFO Oct 18, 2016
New Rules on Big Water Companies in Ontario Are 'The Bare Minimum' VICE Oct 18, 2016
BC not ready for commercial water bottle permit ban: Activist News Talk 770 Calgary Oct 18, 2016
Province must act to protect our water Guelph Mercury Tribune Oct 18, 2016
Ontario puts two-year hold on water-bottling permits Toronto Star Oct 17, 2016
Ontario imposes 2-year hold on bottled water business Oct 17, 2016
Ontario seeks to put a cap on water bottle industry with two-year ban The Guardian Oct 17, 2016
Ontario Might Temporarily Ban Nestlé from Taking Water Because of Climate Change Motherboard Oct 17, 2016
Ontario proposes two-year ban on bottled-water industry The Weather Network Oct 17, 2016
Ontario proposes moratorium on bottled water operations Oct 17, 2016
New bottled water rules CHCH News Oct 17, 2016
Province floats proposed changes to water pumping GuelphToday Oct 17, 2016
Province proposes 2-year hold on water bottling companies CTV News Oct 17, 2016
CP exclusive: Ontario proposes new rules for bottled water companies CFJC Today Kamloops Oct 17, 2016
Nestlé Waters fully supports the Ontario government's commitment to evidence-based water resource management consultations Canada NewsWire (press release) Oct 17, 2016
Province puts water bottlers on expansion hiatus Guelph Mercury Tribune Oct 17, 2016
Ontario plans two-year freeze on new or expanded bottled water plants while considering stronger regulation Regina Leader-Post Oct 17, 2016
Environmentalists Concerned For Ontario's Increasing Plastic Bottle Waste Oct 15, 2016
Too many water bottles ending up in Ontario landfills: environmentalists Oct 14, 2016
Nestlé lobbying "unacceptable", Council of Canadians says (subscription) Oct 14, 2016
Canada has 20 percent of the planet's freshwater. But some worry there's not enough to go around. Washington Post Oct 14, 2016
Deny Nestlé water-taking permit in Ontario town, activists urge province Toronto Star Oct 13, 2016
Ontario Needs To Manage Our Water Supply AM900 CHML Oct 13, 2016
Nestlé controversy a fresh water wake up call Toronto Star Oct 12, 2016
Rick Mercer: Tell Nestlé That Canada's Water Isn't Free Huffington Post Canada Oct 12, 2016
Nestlé controversy a fresh water wake up call Toronto Star Oct 12, 2016
4 Things Ontario Needs To Do To Fix The Water Bottling System Huffington Post Canada Oct 11, 2016
Water and Human Rights: Canadians Call for a Boycott of Nestlé Products Triple Pundit (registration) Oct 7, 2016
Nestlé taking 3.6 million liters of precious groundwater a day from small town in severe drought Collective Evolution Oct 7, 2016
Nestlé issue gets evening time slot at city hall Guelph Mercury Tribune Oct 5, 2016
Don't single out Nestlé for bottling our water: Cohn Toronto Star Oct 4, 2016
Ontario opposition parties want public input into water taking permit policy Breakfast Television Toronto Oct 4, 2016
Public input sought in Ontario water-taking review Toronto Sun Oct 3, 2016
Kathleen Wynne agrees to public consultation on Ontario's water-taking permit review Oct 3, 2016
Wynne wants public consultation in review of water-taking permits, plastic bottles Toronto Star Oct 3, 2016
Water too valuable to give away Timmins Press Oct 3, 2016
Ont. opposition wants public input into water permit policy PLANT Oct 3, 2016
NDP wants public to have a say in overhaul of Ontario's water-taking permit program 570 News Oct 3, 2016
Opposition calls for public review of water-taking permits in Ontario as Guelph fights Nestlé contract National Post Oct 2, 2016
Quiz: Which of these waters is owned by Nestlé? Oct 2, 2016
A Look into Nestlé's Controversial Water Bottling Business in Canada VICE Sep 30, 2016
Demonizing Nestlé won't help develop a wise water policy The Globe and Mail Sep 30, 2016
Guelph MPP Liz Sandals says opposition to Nestlé water taking based on misinformation Sep 29, 2016
Ontario Cabinet Minister Liz Sandals defends Nestlé – suggesting local residents are misinformed PuslinchToday (blog) Sep 29, 2016
Ontario's water is too valuable to give away – Mike Schreiner Net Newsledger Sep 29, 2016
D'Amato: Nestlé story is not a David-and-Goliath tale Waterloo Record Sep 29, 2016
Ontario NDP Leader in Waterloo & Guelph Thursday 570 News Sep 29, 2016
Liz Sandals, Ontario Treasury Board President, Says Nestlé Water Controversy Based On Misinformation Huffington Post Canada Sep 28, 2016
Ontario minister says opposition to Nestlé water taking based on 'misinformation' CityNews Sep 28, 2016
Why Nestlé's Aberfoyle well matters so much to Guelph residents PuslinchToday (blog) Sep 28, 2016
Sticker campaign targets consumers of bottled water Guelph Mercury Tribune Sep 28, 2016
Nestlé open to dialogue GuelphToday Sep 28, 2016
Nestlé Waters welcomes debate in Guelph over water taking Sep 27, 2016
Anti-Nestlé rally in Guelph unites people of all ages against 'bad use of our water' Sep 27, 2016
D'Amato: Boycott of Nestlé is a flawed strategy Waterloo Record Sep 27, 2016
A call for Guelph council to ask the province to tighten water taking permits Guelph Mercury Tribune Sep 27, 2016
Guelph council to discuss, debate renewal permit for Aberfoyle aquifer 570 News Sep 27, 2016
Guelph to allow public to comment on Nestlé issue in November Sep 27, 2016
City council drops the 'N'' word - as in "Nestlé" - from councillor's motion (11 photos) GuelphToday Sep 27, 2016
Nestlé denies it "outbid" Centre Wellington for Middlebrook property GuelphToday Sep 27, 2016
Nestlé's water war CBC the National Sep 26, 2016
Why Nestlé's Aberfoyle well matters so much to Guelph, Ont., residents Sep 26, 2016
People are furious at Nestlé for taking over small towns' water supply Business Insider Sep 26, 2016
Nestlé Isn't Alone, Every Damn Drink Maker Is Taking Our Water Huffington Post Canada Sep 26, 2016
Boycott Launched After Nestlé Outbids Drought-Stricken Town to Buy Well for Bottled Water EcoWatch Sep 26, 2016
Petition calls on Canadians to boycott Nestlé over water grab USA TODAY Sep 26, 2016
National boycott against Nestlé and bottled water products launched by the Council of Canadians YubaNet Sep 26, 2016
Water Grabs in Canada: Nestlé Outbids Another Town for Control of Local Water Supply Center for Research on Globalization Sep 25, 2016
Nestlé Outbids Small Towns For Water Rights In Canada The Inquisitr Sep 25, 2016
Nestlé outbids Ontario community on well purchase The Weather Network Sep 24, 2016
Canadian town steams over Nestlé bid to control local spring water well The Guardian Sep 24, 2016
Nestlé outbids small Ontario municipality to buy well for bottled water The Province Sep 23, 2016
Wynne wants new rules for bottled water industry after Nestlé outbids town Toronto Star Sep 23, 2016
Boycott Nestlé, Says Petition After Company Outbids Town For Water Huffington Post Canada Sep 23, 2016
Judge: Nestlé Can Keep Bottling California's Water Under Permit That Expired In 1988 Mintpress News (blog) Sep 23, 2016
Wynne wants new rules for bottle water firms Sep 23, 2016
Water rights activist calls for boycott of Nestlé Waters at Guelph event GuelphToday Sep 23, 2016
Nestlé outbids small Ontario municipality to buy well for bottled water The Globe and Mail Sep 22, 2016
Guelph mayor denies trying to prevent debate on Nestlé's water taking in Aberfoyle Sep 20, 2016
Guelph councillor, mayor spar over Nestlé motion Guelph Mercury Tribune Sep 16, 2016
Puslinch Mayor: Nestlé Water Taking A Drop In The Bucket Compared To Guelph’s PuslinchToday (blog) Sep 16, 2016
Protective measures need to be taken for water use Northumberland Today Sep 15, 2016
President of Northern Ontario municipalities group agrees with ... Manitoulin Expositor Sep 15, 2016
Butland makes waves over Great Lakes water diversion SooToday Sep 13, 2016
Councillor wants council to weigh in on Nestlé water issue (Correction) GuelphToday Sep 9, 2016
Pressure Ontario To Stop Giving Our Water Away To Big Business Huffington Post Canada Sep 8, 2016
All bottled up: How much power does the province have against Nestlé? NOW Magazine Sep 7, 2016
Guelph councillor calls on city to take official stance on Nestlé permit Guelph Mercury Tribune Sep 6, 2016
Water is a human right, not a mere commodity Toronto Star Sep 5, 2016
Ontario's review of water bottling is overdue: Editorial Toronto Star Sep 5, 2016
Nestlé's water taking 'has no effect' on Guelph, mayor says Aug 31, 2016
Canadian water for-sale MyToba Aug 30, 2016
Guelph's mayor weighs in on Nestlé bottled water debate Guelph Mercury Tribune Aug 29, 2016
Wellington Water Watchers Calls on More Stringent Laws for Water Taking Permits Wellington Water Watchers Aug 29, 2016
Profiting from bottled water at public expense: Cohn Toronto Star Aug 27, 2016
Township of Centre Wellington tried to buy Elora well now owned by Nestlé Aug 26, 2016
Nestlé's water taking permit in Aberfoyle under review by Ontario's Ministry of Environment Aug 25, 2016
Why one U of Guelph groundwater researcher says accepting money from Nestlé is OK Aug 25, 2016
Nestlé Waters reduces pumping by 20% in response to drought conditions Wellington Advertiser Aug 25, 2016
Activists urge Ontario to reject Nestlé’s water-taking permit renewal in town of Aberfoyle Toronto Star Aug 24, 2016
Nestlé buys more groundwater as drought rages on in Southern Ontario (blog) Aug 24, 2016
Ontario considering changes to permits for bottled water companies The Globe and Mail Aug 24, 2016
Is Nestlé’s pumping for bottled water shrinking Aberfoyle aquifer? Activists, company disagree Aug 24, 2016
Nestlé's water woes CHCH News Aug 23, 2016
Bottled water giant faces backlash over permit, here's why The Weather Network Aug 22, 2016
Corporate water bottling coming under increased opposition in Ontario Radio Canada International Aug 22, 2016
Ontario urged not to renew Nestlé water-taking permits Canoe Aug 22, 2016
Environmentalists oppose water-taking permit Aug 22, 2016
Refuse Nestlé water taking permit Ontarian environmentalists urge Market Business News Aug 21, 2016
Environmental Organization Urges Province To Deny Water Extracting Permit Aug 21, 2016
Nestlé continues to extract water from Ontario town despite drought: activists The Globe and Mail Aug 21, 2016
Guelph Says Arkell Springs Project Will Meet Growing Demand For Water PuslinchToday (blog) Aug 20, 2016
Puslinch Report Suggests Nestlé Operations Impact Local Groundwater PuslinchToday (blog) Aug 19, 2016
Nestlé committed to water use reductions GuelphToday Aug 18, 2016
Nestlé groundwater study grant lauded Waterloo Record Aug 17, 2016
Water taking permit still pending as Nestlé moves ahead with Middlebrook purchase Guelph Mercury Aug 15, 2016
Nestlé purchases Elora property ahead of pump test approvals Aug 12, 2016
Nestlé donates to U of G for groundwater research CTV News Aug 5, 2016
U of G gets $460,000 from bottled water giant Nestlé Waters to study groundwater GuelphToday Aug 5, 2016
Mike Nagy on Nestlé taking water near Guelph NewsTalk 610 CKTB Jul 18, 2016
Guelph water woes continue Guelph Mercury Tribune Jul 7, 2016
Concerned citizens bring message to the source with ‘Walk for Water’ The Wellington Advertiser Jun 3, 2016
Petition aimed at Nestlé nears 70,000 signatures GuelphToday May 25, 2016
Walk for Water Wellington Water Watchers May 25, 2016
Challenging Nestlé Waters Canada Save Our Water May 15, 2016
Letter: Why Wellington County is Standing Up to Nestlé Alternatives Journal July 2013
Nestlé CEO Denies That Water is an Essential Human Right Activist Post April 19, 2013


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