Fall & Rise: A Fundraiser for Wellington Water Watchers


Coming to the Defence of Nestle? Really Liz?


Editorial cartoon by Graeme MacKay. Source: The Hamilton Spectator

Volunteer Opportunities for October:

- Calling on a volunteer Event Organizer to assist with our upcoming AGM
- Calling on a volunteer research assistant to compile and catalogue media since July 2016 on the Water for Life, Not for Profit campaign
- Calling on a volunteer Coordinator to organize our Full Moon Water Ceremony series
interested applicants for any of the above, please email [email protected]

Save the Date!

Many people have been asking if we can host an information session to inform on the current situation regarding Nestle. Wellington Water Watchers will be hosting an information session as part of our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday November 29th, 7:00pm - 9:30 pm. Details to be announced soon, but please mark this date in your calendar.

Pack Council Chambers - again!

Centre Wellington Council meeting at 7:00, Oct. 31, at the Township office, 1 Macdonald Square, Elora, beside the Post Office. Council will be voting on a motion expressing collective concern that the issuance of a permit to Nestle to take water from the Middlebrook site is not in the best interest of the Township of Centre Wellington and the watershed shared by its surrounding municipalities. (Wording of this will be finalized at the meeting.) Council is in strong support of a resolution, in support of Save Our Water and Wellington Water Watchers. The resolution vote was deferred from the previous council meeting because council wanted to come to a unanimous decision. This gives a strong statement to the province.  We invite all of our supporters to join us, and, it being Halloween night, we encourage everyone to dress in blue and to/or to wear a blue ribbon in support.

We need you to show you support for protecting our Municipal and local resident's wells and water sources from a possible Permit to take Water Application from Nestlé Waters Canada.  Tell the Township we want them to take a stand and tell the province that local water needs cannot and should not have to compete with consumptive water permits.

Hidden Quarry Hearing Discontinued

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing into the James Dick Construction appeal of a rezoning application for a stone quarry near Rockwood has been adjourned.

The actual hearing, which began on Sept. 27, scheduled to last five to seven weeks, lasted for less than two days before a crucial legal issue arose that threatened to sink the entire process. That has now happened.

To read more click here
Source GuelphToday.com by: Rob O'Flanagan

Planning for the 2Rivers Festival 2017



Do you have an idea for an engaging event that will connect our community with our two beautiful rivers? We are currently seeking organizations interested in hosting an event during the 2Rivers Festival 2017. This past year, just over 600 people attended the 16 days of festival events and activities during the months of May and June 2016. We are excited that the festival was so well received by our community! If you enjoyed the festival and would like to offer your ideas for an event you would like to see, please contact  [email protected].

Big Thanks to Festival Sponsors 2016

Please see the list of local businesses who sponsored the 2016 2Rivers Festival. Please take a moment and contact them to thank them for supporting this initiative to connect our community with our Speed and Eramosa rivers.


Events Along the River

Join the Guelph Hiking Trail Club for a work bee
  • Wed Oct 12 Boardwalk Building Bee

9:30 to 1pm. Speed River Trail Section 3. We will finish a 200-foot section between existing boardwalk and the river. Bring hammer, work gloves...no experience necessary. 'Good clean fun.' (may be a need for follow-up bees as well) Meet 9:30am at Guelph covered bridge for carpool. Contact Bill Mungall [email protected] if you plan to attend.
Leader: Bill Mungall [email protected] Level 2.

Emma/Earl Street Bridge
The City of Guelph is hosting an open house to review and discuss a proposed pedestrian and cycling bridge connecting Emma and Earl Streets over the Speed River.
Tuesday October 25
6:30 - 9:00 pm
Evergreen Seniors Centre
683 Woolwich Street, Guelph

The purpose of the Environmental Assessment is to determine if a pedestrian bridge is warranted at this location, and if so, which style of bridge will be constructed.  The City of Guelph is inviting comment and feedback.


Nature on our Banks 


We have been hearing about sightings of the local Guelph Perigrine Falcon. Let us know when and where you see it too!

Common Goldeneye and Bufflehead Ducks, Rough-legged Hawks and even Golden Eagles are arriving, while Turkey VulturesCooper’s Hawks and Eastern Meadowlarks are leaving.   Yellow-rumped Warblers, however, are still flitting around trees.

The 15th brings us the full Hunter’s Moon, which is also one of the year’s three full supermoons.  Full supermoons occur when the moon is at its closest point to the earth for the month.  Superimposing the largest and smallest full moons would be comparable to stacking a nickel on top of a quarter.

from "Step Outside".

Bluebelt in the Greenbelt


Growing the Greenbelt - Commenting Window Closing Soon!

The window to send comments to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs urging them to grow the Greenbelt in Wellington County and elsewhere will close on October 31st. If you have not already had the opportunity, please join us now in asking the Province to permanently protect the Speed and Eramosa urban river valleys, and the Paris-Galt and Orangeville moraines with Greenbelt designation.

#GrowOurGB Thunderclap

Please also join us in the #GrowOurGB 'Thunderclap', scheduled for October 19th. Sign up to make a scheduled Facebook and/or Twitter post to increase public awareness of this important cause.

Good Growth Guelph - Delegation to Council

Wellington Water Watchers has worked closely with the Guelph-Wellington Coalition for Social Justice in order to make the public voice heard on issues surrounding growth in Guelph. On October 24th at 5pm we will delegate to council on the importance of upholding their 2010 request to grow the Greenbelt in Guelph, and engaging in Smart Growth to manage the growing population. Please show your support by numbers in Council Chambers.

Other ways to Help.....

Doing the work to safeguard our water requires all hands on deck. We are all WATER WATCHERS!
Please give of your time or money generously. Make us stronger. Make us more powerful. And let’s defend our waters together.
If you are richer in time then money, please


If you are richer in money than time, please


With sincere thanks in advance!

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