Drafting a letter to the editor is an excellent way to garner public support for local issues. We invite you, as an engaged activist, to send a letter to your local newspapers. Inform your fellow community members about the insights you've gained from the Unbottled Book Club and encourage them to take action by signing and sharing the petition for The Human Right to Water.


Drafting Your Letter

You can write your letter using the following format and content bullet points. Be sure to include a call to action in your letter.


Your letter should be concise, ideally just a few sentences or 3 short paragraphs. Try to keep it between 200 - 300 words for a better chance of being published (you can review the criteria for your local papers to get specific information for each paper).

Introduction: Use this paragraph to explain who you are and where you live

Body: In this paragraph, state why you are concerned.  This is where you will address the writing prompts (See below) 

  • Choose only 1-3 as to not overwhelm your readers with too much information 

Closing: Add your closing comments and restate your call to action

  • Ex. I believe a crucial step forward is for the federal government to legally recognize the Human Right to Water. Please support this cause by signing and sharing the petition for the Human Right to Water.

Call to Action:

Legally Recognize the Human Right to Water in Canada - Sign the Petition
Drinking water and sanitation are globally recognized human rights, yet they are not legally enshrined or universally accessible in Canada. Join Indigenous leaders, water advocates, and UN staff in urging the Canadian government to legally recognize the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation. (https://act.newmode.net/action/wellington-water-watchers/legally-recognize-human-right-water-canada)