Drink tap water for high school volunteer hours



How it works



Is this real? Is drinking tap water really charity?

Yes, it’s real. At Water Watchers, we’re fighting to eliminate exploitative corporate water bottling. A huge part of that involves reducing demand for bottled water and encouraging more tap water consumption. Showing your friends and family that you support drinking tap water is powerful. We see this as legitimate charitable work with the potential to educate.


Can I still participate if I don't have access to drinkable tap water?

Yes, you can still participate and earn hours. Instead of drinking tap water, take a video where you pour a glass of water from your tap and say why it’s not fit to drink.


Looking for other ways to earn high school volunteer hours?

Here are some alternative ways you can participate in #TAPITFORHOURS:


Using one of the three prompts below, create a piece of art that captures the TAP IT spirit. This could be a poster, song, paint, presentation, or anything else that inspires you. To earn your hours, you just need to share it in some way—whether that’s on social media, in your community, or to your class.

You can submit your hours on the Water Watchers website by stating your email, name and school.


1. Saying NO to single use plastic water bottles
2. Helping everyone have clean, reliable tap water
3. Showing that water is for Life, Not Profit!


Post a picture to Instagram of your favorite body of water and say why it’s important to you. Be sure to tag @wellingtonwaterwatchers and #tapitforhours and then submit your hours at wellingtonwaterwatchers.ca/tapit.

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