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Background - Trihalomethanes in Tottenham’s Municipal Drinking Water: Tottenham’s drinking water contains high levels of Iron, Iron Bacteria, Chlorine and Trihalomethanes. (Chloroform and Bromodichloromethane, two types of Trihalomethanes, which are Carcinogens).

For 11 years, the Trihalomethane levels in Tottenham’s drinking water were above the maximum acceptable limit (according to The Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act of 2002). Iron levels have always been between two and three times the maximum allowable limit. These limits were established as part of the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act of 2002, as a direct result of the Walkerton tragedy.

Despite levels of Trihalomethanes and Iron in drinking water that exceed provincial standards, the Town of New Tecumseth, Simcoe-Muskoka Public Health, The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks have never informed residents in any meaningful or comprehensible way about the dangers associated with this contamination.

The next step in Nancy and Cheryl’s campaign for clean drinking water is to conduct an independent survey of how levels of Trihalomethanes, Chlorine and Iron (that exceed provincial standards) have impacted Tottenham residents, their families, pets and homes.

We are seeking donations to help Nancy and Cheryl with organizing this resident survey (design and printing) to

  • raise public awareness about the dangers associated with Tottenham’s drinking water;
  • encourage more community residents to join the campaign for clean drinking water, and
  • increase the pressure on New Tecumseth Town Council to find a solution that reduces chlorine, trihalomethane and iron levels in Tottenham’s drinking water to a safe, potable and acceptable level