It is said we should never talk about water without water in the room. Wherever you’re joining from, we invite you to ground into the water by keeping water with you at Watershed 2020.
Collect water from a local source or pour it into a vessel from the tap and keep it with you for the day as you listen and learn from water advocates across Ontario, as well as a reminder that Water Is Life.

Along with a vessel of water please bring the following:

  1. Your Ticket: this is a link that will be emailed to you by Hopin. Follow the link to get into the event.
  2. The Program: Have the program open and click the “Learn More” buttons to decide what workshops and events you will attend and find out where to navigate (you do not need to pre-register for workshops - you will be able to attend any session). 
  3. Web Browser: we ask that you join from Google Chrome as it is the most compatible with the Hopin platform (or if you cannot use Google Chrome, the second best option is Firefox). 
  4. Hopin attendee manual: for reference if you need assistance.

P.s If you require support during the convention please reach out to [email protected] and one of our Hopin Support Team will help you as soon as possible.