Wellington County Greenbelt Town Hall, June 15, 7:00 pm.

Wellington Water Watchers will be hosting a town hall event at the Fergus Sportsplex on Wednesday, June 15 at 7:00PM. This will be an informative session designed to help you understand the benefits of the Greenbelt, and how it affects regional planning in Wellington County. To learn more and to RSVP click here.

Blue Ribbon Campaign

Help us paint Wellington County Blue! If you support our slogan Water for Life, Not Profit, please tie a blue ribbon on a tree in front of your home. Take a photo of it and tweet it to @wwaterwatchers.  Suggested donation of $5 per ribbon. Together we can Save Our Water!
You can get a blue ribbon at the following locations (suggested donation of $5):
- The Guelph Farmer's Market, Saturday 7-12.
- 10 Carden, Guelph, front desk, Monday-Friday 9-5
- the Fountainhead, Fergus
Santé in Elora
- Ashanti in Elora
- Awareness Yoga Studio in Elora
and a growing list of business who wish to support this campaign (please contact us if you would be willing to help as a distribution site - [email protected])
Watch this short video tutorial to learn how to tie one on!


Take our survey

Please take a moment to complete our survey to help us understand what concerns you the most with Nestlé's plan to take our water.

WAVE~Water Advocacy Voices Emerging

What are you concerned about when it comes to water? Is water taking by Nestlé Waters Canada threatening water available to residents? Whose job is it to protect our water?

Join us for an evening of thought-provoking talks and engaging discussion about how we as a community can take action against Nestlé Waters Canada's bids to bottle and remove water from Guelph and Wellington County. To learn more and to RSVP, click here.

2Rivers Festival May and June 2016


The 2Rivers Festival was created to help celebrate and connect with our two beautiful rivers, the Eromasa and the Speed. We have enjoyed higher than normal participation numbers this year and extend our gratitude to all our festival goers. Our rivers are our most important cultural and ecological features and as such they need to be supported and regenerated. Our festival is volunteer-run and we welcome new volunteers for festival coordination and new partners to offer events. As the festival draws near an end, we are seeking volunteers to help in a number of ways to keep the momentum going and to start plans for next year's festival. Sign up here.

The 2Rivers Festival  events have been enjoyed by many over the months of May and June. There are only a three events left so please check them out. Arboretum Bioblitz, Photo Scavenger Hunt and The Confluence.

Learn more about the events and register at 2riversfestival.org!

Nature on our Banks 


The arrival of the magnificent Monarchs has begun to leak into eastern North America, finally riding some warm, southern winds, and normally peaks in early June. As of late May, though, there have been only a few sightings.  Most of these arrivals are the offspring of the Monarchs that originally began the migration in México (well, actually by migrating to Mexico last fall) - an incredible trip for an insect weighing less than a gram. We can welcome the Monarchs by providing a hearty native plant nectar meal and a cozy milkweed habitat. To read more click here.

Bluebelt in the Greenbelt


Wellington County Greenbelt Town Hall

Wellington Water Watchers will be hosting a town hall event at the Fergus Sportsplex on Wednesday, June 15 at 7:00PM. This will be an informative session designed to help you understand the benefits of the Greenbelt, and how it affects regional planning in Wellington County. To learn more and to RSVP click here.

Have a look at the recent primer completed by the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation titled Growing the Green, Protecting the Blue.

As citizens of the upper portion of the Grand River watershed, we have a responsibility to protect source water here for future generations within Wellington County but also for those downstream.

The Wellington County Official Plan already does well to describe protections for the Paris-Galt moraine, but does not do so for the Orangeville moraine. Greenbelt designation can provide the protection needed for these significant groundwater recharge features.The approximately 2700 acres for Greenbelt expansion, identified by Wellington Water Watchers, lie outside land already designated for urban development needed to accommodate population growth until 2041 and beyond.

To learn more about the Greenbelt and the current opportunity we have hear in Wellington County please visit our Growing the Greenbelt campaign page.

We have one last chance to tell Ontario to strengthen and grow the Greenbelt and choose smarter growth here in Wellington County. Now is the time to make your voice heard. The Ontario government is hosting one last round of public consultations on proposed changes to the Greenbelt and Growth Plans.

TAKE ACTION and sign the petition.


Aquifer Defence Fund

Wellington Water Watchers and SaveOurWater.CA have partnered to form The Aquifer Defence Fund. This fund is designed to raise much needed funds to be used for the technical advice and professional support required to evaluate and prepare to oppose potential Permit to Take Water applications by Nestle Waters. Nestle Waters Canada is in the process of evaluating the Middlebrook well for purchase and intends to apply to take up to 1.6M litres of water per day which would give them a total of 6.4M litres of water a day they could pump in Wellington County.

Your donation to the Aquifer Defence Fund will allow us to:

  • Conduct independent technical studies
  • Contract legal expertise
  • Sound the alarm around communities when water is threatened

Your gift will ensure we can continue to defend our aquifer diligently and effectively. We’ve accomplished a lot so far – but the fight against increased water taking is only just starting.

Click here to give generously now so that together we can prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenge.



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