We have so many water events and activities happening this month! If you're on March break from the 14 to the 19 and having a 'staycation', please take the opportunity to check them out!

H2O Go Festival


This annual festival is fast approaching and we're getting excited for a busy day! Once again, Wellington Water Watchers and the City of Guelph's Water Conservation department are teaming up with eMerge's EcoMarket and expect a great turnout! Join us for free workshops and interactive exhibits at the Old Quebec Street Mall on Saturday, March 19 from 10 am - 3pm. There will be plenty of activities for everyone including live music, prizes, face painting and arts and crafts! Be the first to get a copy of the 2Rivers Festival booklet guide! Plus a variety of workshops to peak any interest: traditional water tales, composting with worms, starting native plants from seed, and paint your own mug! 

Are you a busy mom wanting to learn about water stewardship?
Rob Case of WaterWins will also be leading a workshop on water stewardship for busy moms. WaterWins is a project based out of Renison University College at the University of Waterloo. The team has been looking at whether the water “wins” of two grassroots organizations has had an effect on community engagement for water issues. Learn more about WaterWins and read their community reports: http://wellingtonwaterwatchers.ca/campaigns/water-wins/ and http://www.waterwealthproject.com/water_wins

Wacky Water Week

Wacky Water Week from March 14 - 19 offers 6 days of activities throughout Guelph. Visit various branches of the Guelph Public Library to learn simple ways to save water at home and have fun with hands-on games! 

Aqua Lauta

Test your strength on the Aqua Lauta, a pedal-powered water filtration installation designed by artist Christopher McLeod and engineers from McMaster University. One part bike one part water filtration system—do you have the power to pedal the bike?

Visit the Aqua Lauta at the West End Recreation Centre , March 14-19.

Canada and the World Celebrate Water!

Check out other water events taking place across the country as part of Canada Water Week March 21-27, 2016 and see what fellow Canadians are doing to celebrate and honour water.  Globally, the UN has declared March 22 as World Water Day!

Save Our Water! Postcard Writing (2 locations)

The Fountainhead Cafe, 212 St Andrew St W Fergus +  Ashanti Cafe, 8 Mill St. W. Elora
March 14-18, 2016
9am - 5 pm
Drop by and write a letter or postcard to let Liz Sandals (Guelph MPP) and Glen Murray (Minister of the Environment) know that we expect them to Save Our Water in Centre Wellington. It's March Break so bring your kids! Join in community activism! Thank you for caring about your community. Water for Life, Not Profit. Say NO to Nestle in Middlebrook! Learn more about the issue: http://saveourwater.ca/

Aquifer Defence Fund


Wellington Water Watchers and SaveOurWater.CA have partnered to form The Aquifer Defence Fund. This fund is designed to raise much needed funds to be used for the technical advice and professional support required to evaluate and prepare to oppose potential Permit to Take Water applications by Nestle Waters. Nestle Waters Canada is in the process of evaluating the Middlebrook well for purchase and intends to apply to take up to 1.6M litres of water per day which would give them a total of 6.4M litres of water a day they could pump in Wellington County.

Your donation to the Aquifer Defence Fund will allow us to:

  • Conduct independent technical studies
  • Contract legal expertise
  • Sound the alarm around communities when water is threatened
Your gift will ensure we can continue to defend our aquifer diligently and effectively. We’ve accomplished a lot so far – but the fight against increased water taking is only just starting.

Click here to give generously now so that together we can prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenge.

2Rivers Festival May and June 2016

Festival guides available March 19 at the H20 Go Festival!


The 2Rivers Festival is an annual festival celebrating the Speed and Eramosa Rivers, which meet in the city of Guelph, Ontario. Over the past five years, many people have joined us to share, enjoy and discover all that the Speed and Eramosa Rivers bring to our community. By showing that we value our rivers, we contribute to actions that will help to protect them. This year's Festival will be a 2-month series of fun FREE events along the Speed and Eramosa Rivers in May and June 2016. 

Festival goers can obtain guide books that have information on each event, sponsors and many helpful tips and facts to help them enjoy the rivers more fully.  Be one of the first to obtain your booklet at the H20 Go Festival on Saturday, March 19!

Nature Along Our Banks

(photo source: http://www.fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/red-winged_blackbird.htm)

Watch for the tentative white snowdrop flowers emerging from neighbourhood gardens! Our bird friends are also returning! Flocks of male red-winged blackbirds that arrived in February are being joined now by females this month. These birds are about the size of a robin with the male being completely black except for a red patch bordered by a pale yellow stripe on the upper portion of the wing. This red patch can often be covered by black plumage leaving only the yellow stripe visible. Female red-winged blackbirds are generally brown with dark streaking on a pale background on the breast - unlike the males, they don't have a the distinctive red wing patch! One of our largest wild neighbours of the urban landscape, the coyote, will continue courting and breeding into March.


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