The Ford government’s new housing legislation tabled last week will repeal no fewer than 36 regulations that give Conservation Authorities oversight over development which were designed to protect Ontarians from catastrophic floods. 

But Doug Ford just sees them as obstacles in the way of his damaging and expensive pro-sprawl agenda. After Hurricane Hazel hit us in 1954, Ontario put in place rules to prevent another disaster. We empowered Conservation Authorities to ensure that we are not building recklessly over the nature that protects us. It makes no sense to put people in harm's way by weakening the ability of Conservation Authorities to protect their homes and communities from flooding.

Within the 175-page omnibus Bill 23, More Homes Build Faster Act (2022), a broad swath of amendments are proposed for planning and development issues including yet another dramatic reduction how Conservation Authorities protect the health of our watersheds. You can read the Bill here.

Yes, we need to build more homes – but it must be the right kind of housing in the right places.

Flood risks are increasingly real - tell Premier Doug Ford, Minister Steve Clark, and your local MPP to stop eroding protections with this one-click tool below!