When September 29, 2021 at 3:00pm 1 hr 30 mins
Where Online Guelph, ON, Canada

In this watershed moment of unsettling colonial relations between Canadians and Indigenous peoples, how are Canadian-led water efforts picking up their responsibilities? 

Join us on Wednesday, September 29th at 3pm to participate in this critical question. We want to help answer your questions and we have created a special format to do so. There will be 2 moderators taking and pitching your questions to 3 non-experts who have been activating a more decolonial relationship with water for several years -- personally and professionally. You can even send your question in advance. 

We want to meet Canadians where they are at, while creating invitations for decolonial shifts in our heads and hearts. 

Some potential areas we hope to explore:

  • Activating land acknowledgements.
  • Working within and beyond current political boundaries.
  • Clarity on what we mean by ‘decolonizing’ and ‘settlers’. 
  • Moving at the speed of trust.
  • Developing a personal relationship with water.
  • Taking responsibility without de-centering Indigenous voices and priorities. 

Join us on September 29th from 3:00 - 4:30 pm to participate, listen, and learn. When considering water as a human right, shared commons, and sacred gift, what are your questions and observations both personally and professionally? 

Bring them to the event or send them in advance to [email protected].

Please use the subject line: Question for Sept. 29


Meghan Clout - Communications Manager, Water Watchers



Hannah Grewal

Lindsay Potts



Paul Baines

Arlene Slocombe

Taylor Wilkes


This conversation is nested in a sequence of events on the topic of ‘What Does it Mean to Decolonize our Work’. The folks on this event are all of settler origin and this has been a deliberate choice as a solid way of picking up our responsibilities. We arrived at this choice based on thorough conversations within our community of practice and with Indigenous folks we are in relationship with in our water advocacy. Please also join us for further conversations at our Watershed 2021 online conference.


Water Watchers is grateful for the support from the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph Blue Community project, for time spent in collaboration on this and other lead-up events on the topic of decolonizing our work.

Will you come?