The People's Water Campaign

We are excited to announce the beginning of the People’s Water Campaign "Ear to the Groundwater Walking Tour" beginning Monday June 7th

The People’s Water Campaign is bringing together folks working towards water protection in Ontario in a movement towards water justice.

Last year, The People's Water Campaign began our collective journey as we invited you to move towards water justice as individuals, organizations and a community of water protectors.

This year, we invite you to continue this journey as we zero in on Groundwater Protection.

Groundwater supplies us with life-sustaining nourishment. Nearly one third of Ontario is dependent on groundwater as their source of drinking water, yet threats to groundwater is the common thread amongst all the grassroots campaigns the Water Watchers supports. Communities across Ontario are fighting threats to groundwater including open pit gravel mining, extracting water for bottling, industrial development, and nuclear waste - threats posed by profiteers who are causing irreversible damage to lands and waters stolen from indigenous peoples as part of the ongoing colonial project of dispossession.

 "Ear to the Groundwater Walking Tour" 

The People's Water Campaign "Ear to the Groundwater Walking Tour" is one of the ways we are elevating the grassroots community groups who are fighting back against these threats. It is time to connect the dots and surface the attack on groundwater happening in Ontario in the name of private profit.

Led by Musician Shane Phillips, the "Water for Life, Not Wall Street" Walk is the first in a series of walking tours to take place this summer to gather information, elevate conversation on the issues, and connect the individual fights for groundwater protection happening across Ontario, leading up to the People's Water Convention on October 2nd, 2021. 

You can participate in the "Ear to the Groundwater Walking Tour" by attending the Live instagram events, Webinars, Letter Writing Workshop, taking digital actions, sponsoring the walk, and following along. As provincial health guidelines allow, we may also add options to join Shane on these walks.

Water for Life, Not Profit
July 13th - July 21st 2021 

The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness of the devastating effect gravel quarries have on communities and the environment. Water Watchers will connect the dots between the local and the global, and show how gravel mining helps fuel the climate crisis, and how Doug Ford’s agenda for new highways and more urban sprawl will devour our future.

Water Watchers will highlight these issues in unique ways in each of the seven communities Shane will visit in this phase of the Ear to the Groundwater tour. Shane will ask local residents what they think the Ontario government must do to protect their homes, community, environment and prevent greater climate chaos.

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You can take further action by supporting and engaging with this campaign. Click below for more information about live broadcasts, letter writing workshops, Water Webinars, Digital Actions, and more!


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The Climate Crisis Threatens Our Homes and gravel mining makes it worse. Water security, food production, species and bio-diversity are under threat and the climate crisis undermines the conditions that make life possible! While our planet is in crisis, Doug Ford is trying to force more highways, urban sprawl, and uncontrolled resource extraction upon communities in Ontario. Not only is Gravel Mining propelling this crisis, it is also one of the ways Ford's Government put profits over people. We must find a better way forward and STOP governing on behalf of a few wealthy people while devouring the future of everyone.


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